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Last night the Knicks fell to the Clippers by a score of 109 to 95. With the Knicks suffering their second blowout loss in a row, they are once again playing bad overall basketball. The passing of the last few weeks has disappeared and one or two players are trying to carry the load. Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith were those two players last night.

In the loss, they scored 50 points on a dismal 13 of 41. That's 32% from the field from your top two scorers. That's simply awful. Anthony made up for it at the free throw line, not missing a single one on 16 attempts. What's clear if you look at the shot chart is that they failed to get into the paint time and time again, settling for a ton of outside shots.

Of the 95 points scored by the Knicks, only 24 of them came in the paint. That 24 points is actually 10 points worse than their league worst 34.1 points per game in the paint. The Knicks are simply not penetrating and it's really hurting their offense. Anthony for example took 11 shots in the paint and hit on only 2 of them. Smith managed to score 24 points, with only 3 attempts in the paint. He converted 2 of them.

Tyson Chandler continues to be the only guy who can score in the paint because of his one dimensional offensive game. He is a dunker and rarely starts an offensive possession outside the paint. Chandler aside, the Knicks need to get inside more often and it has to start with Anthony.

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