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Is it just me or are the Knicks getting less foul calls than the rest of the league?

Maybe that's too broad... Is it me or is Carmelo Anthony not getting calls that other superstars are?

I don't want this to sound like a Knicks fan complaining unjustly, but am I wrong? Doesn't it feel like Anthony doesn't get the respect from the officials that other big names do?

To my eyes, the answer is that Anthony is treated differently and unjustly around the league. We've seen it as recently as last week. In several late game opportunities, Anthony has put up shots, drawing contact, missing the shot and not getting the benefit of the call. Against the Rockets a few weeks back, he was fouled but wasn't given continuation on a shot that went in. He's just not getting the benefit of the doubt in any big situations.

This comes off sounding like a fan complaining on a losing team, but the truth is, there is contact. Now, we haven't seen anything outrageous. Anthony isn't getting mauled. But there are plenty of examples, especially late in games, in which there is minimal contact and no whistle is blown.

What hurts even more is that we've seen the treatment given to players against the Knicks. The other night against the Pacers, Iman Shumpert was called for grazing Paul George as he attempted a would be game tying 3-pointer. The shot didn't go in but the foul was called and 3 shots and an overtime period later, the Knicks were handed their 8th loss of the season. If that gets called, then the contact between George and Anthony on the Knicks last minute attempt to win the game in regulation certainly should have been called as well.

There is no clear reason as to why this is happening. Woodson was fined $25,000 a few days ago for criticizing league officials. Afterwords, he said that he was done complaining. That is yet to be seen. What I am sure about is that Anthony does not receive the "star treatment" afforded to many others in the NBA's upper echelon. It's not the reason for a 3 and 9 start but it certainly doesn't help things get on track either.

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