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A source familiar with the Knicks' free-agency plans told that the team is considering signing forward-center Sean Williams, who was waived by the Rockets this week.

There has been some speculation that the Knicks are interested in unrestricted free agent Josh Howard, but according to the source, they are not into him. Instead, the team wants to add a big man -- likely to serve as a backup to Amare Stoudemire on the depth chart. Currently, they don't have one.

I've been a proponent of bringing Williams in for some time. It's hard not to appreciate what he does defensively, and was a player the Knicks could have used during the early days of D'Antoni.

Obviously, Williams needed to do some maturing mentally and as a player. That's what fans need to understand. Sometimes, players aren't prepared to handle the NBA. Thankfully for Williams he was able to do so in the D-League.

Hopefully, these days are over.

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