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The Knicks have reached out to the Celtics about trading for Rajon Rondo (Stein).

Boston is likely looking for a first-round pick and a salary dump of one of their older players (Begley). The Knicks might have to offer Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr. if they want to land Rondo, though.

This is great news because of the immediate impact that a player of Rondo's skill brings. If the Knicks were to trade a boatload of players -- including a draft pick that hasn't even been born yet -- for Rondo, they'd instantly be able to make a playoff run this year. More importantly, they would be able to build around an elite scorer and one of the best distributors in the NBA.

What does it actually take to bring Rondo to New York? If I'm Steve Mills, I essentially put everything on the table and allow Danny Ainge to take his pick of anyone except Carmelo Anthony. If he wants Tyson Chandler, he gets him. If he wants Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. and a first round pick, done deal.

The Knicks have given up first rounders for guys like Andrea Bargnani. I wouldn't let a pick stand in the way of bringing a player that not only makes the point guard position better, but would help get the most out of Anthony.

And don't sell this short: Rondo would make Anthony instantly better. As I discussed around the rumors of Jeff Teague, Rondo can break down defenses and get to the rim on his own. That ability would allow him to dish to Anthony, who would no longer be double teamed on catches.

If Mills can pull this off before the deadline I'd be shocked, but let's keep our fingers crossed.

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