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There has been some speculation that the Knicks were considering adding outside help to their depleted roster. Such a move would require them to cut a player. The injured Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas would be obvious candidates, or perhaps the lightly used James White, but it sounds as though the team has decided against bringing anyone in, according to Ian Begley of ESPN New York:

Mike Woodson huddled with Glen Grunwald on Wednesday and decided that the Knicks will not add a healthy body to their injury-plagued roster. 

"At this point our team is pretty much set. That's where we stand as I speak today," Woodson said 

That means the Knicks, as of right now, are hoping that Kurt Thomas, 40, can return from an acute stress reaction in his right foot before or during the playoffs. They're also hoping that Rasheed Wallace, 38, can bounce back from surgery to repair a fractured bone in his foot.

The one name of note the Knicks have been linked to was Delonte West, as the team was reported to be monitoring his efforts in the D-League, where he's been playing with the Texas Legends and not all that effectively. The rep on West is as something of a hothead, and despite putting together a reasonably effective career, it appears most of the league has decided he's more trouble than he's worth.

Would it make sense for the Knicks to bring someone like that in? I mean, I guess so, though I can see also why they're hesitant. He would certainly fill something of a need, as he can handle the ball, is a solid shooter and would be an upgrade defensively.

But it's kind of one of those things where if it were me, then sure, why not? But I equally have little expectation that such a signing would make any significant difference, so I suppose I see why they're content to just accept that this is the team they have and are ready to just ride it out.

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