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Via Ian Begley

"The team wants Shumpert to get reps in Las Vegas after he missed the first two-and-a-half months of the 2012-13 season while recovering from ACL surgery. 

The Knicks may ask Shumpert to play point guard during summer league. There is an inherent risk, of course, with asking Shumpert to play in organized games during the summer. It would be devastating for the organization if Shumpert suffered an injury, and the move to play him would then be heavily second-guessed."

It won't be first guessed here. I love that they want him to take a leadership role in the summer and mainly with the ball. We've been proponents of allowing for Shumpert to play the PG spot for a long time putting him in the best situation to attack the lane and draw defenders. Again, the Knicks need to sure up their backcourt by adding a player to help protect the ball.

Shumpert's agents reportedly wasn't happy with how he was being utilized during the year and this is a good step in the process in my mind. Obviously, you'd expect that they would seriously monitor his knee and his minutes as a precaution.


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