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Offense B

It's hard to believe but over the course of the past week, the Knicks are actually 2-1. You heard that right ladies and gentleman of Knicks Blog. The team has posted a winning record this week and that is in large part to the offense. While things aren't clicking at full speed yet, we're starting to see role players begin to emerge. In all three games this week, the Knicks scored 100+ points and got big performances from guys not named Carmelo Anthony. In Saturday's win over the Hawks, Andrea Bargnani scored 23. In the tough loss to the Wizards, 4 different players other than Anthony broke double digits and in the win over the Bucks, J.R. Smith and Beno Udrih both had clutch shots, scoring 19 and 21 points respectively. Still, the stagnant, isolation play is still far too present for this team to truly perform at an A level.

Defense D+

While the team was scoring 100+ points in every game this week, they were also giving up 100+ points in every game this week. The Knicks are making a nasty habit of making point guards of any shape or size look like elite scorers. Over the course of the past week, the team gave up an average of 18 points per game to guards, led by huge performances from Brandon Knight (36), John Wall (20 points) and Louis Williams (27 points). The Knicks seem like they are playing without a defensive identity. The point guards being slower and older than many of these younger guards and are being taken advantage of. Tyson Chandler's return on Wednesday night should give the team a boost but things have to turn around on the defensive end.

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