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So far, the Knicks season has been all sunshine and candy, nothing but blowouts and high-fives. But we know almost for certain that the Knicks will, in fact, lose a game this season, perhaps even more than one. It's true.

This week could serve as a useful test for the Knicks. After what one hopes will be a relatively painless game against the almost hilariously under-manned Orlando Magic -- a game they'll now probably lose, causing all kinds of slapped foreheads and jinx accusations -- the Knicks will visit two Western Conference powers in San Antonio and Memphis on Thursday and Friday.

What should make these games particularly interesting is that they will present the type of big bodies down low that could test New York's ability to play Carmelo Anthony at power forward.

Through the first four games, New York has forced teams to adjust to what they've been doing, but asking Melo to bang with big bodies like the Grizzlies Zach Randolph could prove problematic.

Randolph's been just a beast on the boards in the young season, averaging 15 a game, to go with his 15 points (Am I the only one for whom Randolph's tenure with the Knicks feels like ten years ago?).

The Spurs will present a similar challenge, as Tim Duncan is still just plodding along at his usual high level, averaging nearly 19 points and 10 boards over San Antonio's first seven games.

Certainly, Tyson Chandler's presence will be vital in neutralizing Duncan, but it'll be interesting to see how Melo holds up against some of these bigger front lines as the year wears on.

Either way, Memphis and San Antonio are currently a combined 11-2, so the tough stretch gives the Knicks a nice measuring stick week to see just how giddy we all deserve to be.

Brace yourselves.

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