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As if I could not stand the Lakers before, right?

As if I did not want the Lakers to flop before, right?

Now this hiring comes down and there is a whole new ballgame.  After failing miserably and having the Knicks play some incredibly embarrassing ball during his tenure here in NY, Mike D'Antoni will take his act out to LA where he will have the luxury of coaching four potential HOF'ers.

Now it's on!

I am surprised that Jackson was not hired, but with reports of his demanding travel restrictions, among other demands, I guess this makes some sense.

From a basketball perspective, D'Antoni's offensive scheme makes a lot of sense for this team.  Steve Nash is his guy.  Kobe is one of the best high volume shooters / scorers in the game.  Pau Gasol has range on his jumper and can get the ball outside once Nash breaks down the lane and kicks. Dwight Howard is a great pick'n'roll big man.

This should be interesting.  Hopefully D'Antoni flops worse out there than he did here.

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