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According to a blog post from MSG's Tina Cervasio, the Knicks believe that a strained hamstring is what has been causing the fluid buildup in Carmelo Anthony's knee. However, both the team and Anthony are optimistic that the injury will not be severe or require any offseason surgery. Anythony also added that he is feeling much better, though exactly when he will return to the court remains unclear. Here's the main takeaway from Cervasio's report:

After going back to New York on Thursday, Carmelo said he learned from doctors, the fluid in the back of the knee was caused by a slight hamstring pull or some type of injury with his hamstring. He reiterated all this discomfort over the last three weeks, was in the back of the knee, and this injury had nothing to do with the actually structure of the knee, any of the ligaments. He says he had tweaked his hamstring a little bit, the muscle was tight, and fluid drained from there. Carmelo says he is comfortable with this diagnosis, and saw all the results “with my own eyes rather than somebody just telling me.”

The plan now is to take it day-by-day. Carmelo plans to work out again tonight at Energy Solutions Arena before the his Knicks teammates play the Jazz, and get a couple of workouts in tomorrow back in New York, and see how he feels on Wednesday and take it from there. He did not rule out playing Wednesday at home versus the Magic, but he didn’t say he would be ready to play either.

Obviously, the Knicks are currently forced to do a bit of a juggling act, as they try to maintain their playoff positioning, while also ensuring that they'll have their most indispensable player ready to go come playoff time. It would appear that the prudent decision would be to take things cautiously and allow him to play without discomfort, which is how they appear likely to play it.

Or as they say in Knicksland, "Day-to-day."

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