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What happens this summer remains up in the air, but Carmelo Anthony stated during the NBA All-Star Break he's willing to take a pay cut in order for the Knicks to make the necessary moves to compete for a title.

That selflessness and Anthony's impending free agency is a hot topic among other NBA stars, including Dwight Howard, who was last year's prized free agent, and LeBron James, with whom Anthony will face off against Thursday night in Miami.

James, who took a pay cut to be a part of the "Big Three" with the Heat four years ago, said he believes Anthony is set on winning.

“What I got out of it is he wants to win,’’ James told The Post at Wednesday’s practice. “Everyone says they want to win, but that’s what it’s about.’’

Howard fled Los Angeles to join up with James Harden and Co. with the Houston Rockets last summer after repeatedly asking out of Orlando.

Though Howard may not be the best role model on how to handle free agency, he did offer up some advice to Anthony: use your head.

“I can’t say (what he’ll do). That’s on him. He’s got to decide. (But) he can’t be what everybody else wants. In this situation, you’ve got to take your heart out of it…So I’d just say for him, take his heart out of it and think with his head and think about business….

“If you don’t win, you’re not going to get all the (off-court endorsement) stuff you want anyway,” Howard told USA Today. “I saw that last year (in Los Angeles). I was in the biggest market for the NBA, and we lost, so those (companies) aren’t going to be coming to you for losing.

“When I was in Orlando, a small market, and we were winning. I was very popular with a lot of different deals on the table. So it’s moreso about winning, and you’ve got to put yourself in a position to where you’re winning basketball games and you’re having fun doing it. Losing is not fun, and Melo wants to win.”

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