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Tommy Dee is joined by his regular crew of Dalen Cuff and Moke Hamilton as they discuss the winning ways of New York City basketball. Tommy chats with NBC Sports Network's Erin Sharoni about her Knicks' fandom, and Brian Geltzeiler discusses the Mike D'Antoni hire in Los Angeles.

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The Rundown:

Erin Sharoni introduction

  • How she became a Knicks fan
  • Knicks win over the Spurs
  • J.R. Smith’s partying ways are a thing of the past
The Mill with Brian Geltzeiler (17:43)
  • Mike D’Antoni hired by the Lakers
  • Knicks hot streak, start the season 6 – 0
  • Team chemistry
Moke Hamilton’s Nets update (37:20)
  • Tommy eats humble pie
  • Brook Lopez actually is pretty good
  • Avery Johnson’s coaching
  • Does Deron Williams believe in Avery?
The Forecast (43:51)
  • Last week’s recap – Tommy is undefeated
  • Predictions on Knicks vs. Memphis and Nets vs. Sacramento
  • Dalen signs with NBC Sports Network
  • Moke’s cab ride home was expensive
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