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A bit of a reintroduction for you TKB faithful as I have been writing for the site since early 2009...

Born and raised in NYC, I have memories of a time when the Knicks ruled the streets. Growing up in the 90s, the entire city focused on the Garden every spring.  Like no other team in town, there were no competing jerseys, no conflicting interests when the Knicks started their annual playoff run: everybody was a Knicks fan.  Coming to games with my dad are my earliest memories of being a true, NY-blooded sports fan.

Also I stabbed myself in the foot with a scissor jumping around celebrating LJ's four-point play, so I've got more than just emotional scars to prove my loyalty.

As a contributor to the site over the years, nothing delights me more than sharing my opinions and hearing back from you in the comment section about how dumb / smart I am.  So new site, new team, but keep on keepin' on with your contributions as we strive to cover everything NYK-related. 

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