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The results remain shaky. The Knicks’ net rating — a measure of points scored and allowed per 100 possessions — is a minus 3.6 when Anthony and Stoudemire play together this season, according to It was also a minus 3.6 last season.

Stoudemire’s recent strong play has created pressure to play him more, especially down the stretch in tight games. Woodson was criticized for leaving Stoudemire on the bench for the final minutes of Sunday’s loss to Miami.

Yet it is not clear that Stoudemire and Anthony would have any more success together now than they have had in the past, and Woodson said that he was still wrestling with how to use them. “I got to figure out early on in the game if it’s going to work,” he said Monday.

There's little doubt that the two have meshed much better offensively this year than last, despite what the numbers say, in my opinion. Amar'e has often hid baseline and lived on easy dunks thanks to beautiful drop passes from Melo. That's synergy that we haven't seen. Add to that Amar'e's prowess on the block and you have opportunities for sets where he can live in ISO.

To me, however, Amar'e has had much more success in the same real estate that Melo thrives in... on the LEFT block. There's no room for two in that area.

That's why Woodson would be wise to get Amar'e and Melo more isolated on the left side in more two-man pick and roll/pop, to increase their workload together.

It can work and has to.

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