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"Anthony was not available to the media yesterday. Consider it progress that he wasn’t waiting by the Sixers bus for Hawes after Sunday night’s game. A league source said Anthony would not be suspended for the incident.

“I didn’t mean to hit him in the head,” Anthony said after the Knicks’ 99-93 victory Sunday night. “I was just reacting to the elbow I caught.”

Here’s a better idea: react with your play. Your MVP play from earlier in the season. Michael Jordan got mad, but mostly he got even. Kobe Bryant gets mad, but mostly he gets even. Amnesty THAT.

“You keep getting techs like that, guys are going to start missing games, we don’t need that,” J.R. Smith said. “We need everybody on our team, and everybody staying focused and locked in and not let anybody bait us, me especially.”

It's not about the Ts in my opinion. It's about the in-game nonsense that Melo needs to cut out. He has to have some sort of understanding why he doesn't get the calls he feels he deserves. It's because he's not overly diplomatic to officials.

To me, it's simple. Melo has to build a rapport with officials and it's a bad look that he doesn't have one now. He's frustrated, we get it, but what he did the other night, at first glance, was inexcusable. Losing his cool with KG was beyond immature, especially for a player as decorated as Carmelo. His reactions to calls he disagrees with are, as Clyde would say, "very demonstrative."

People try and compare Lebron and Carmelo all the time and that's often unfair. I think the way Lebron handles officials is outstanding, and he often receives the benefit of the doubt. Melo would do well to follow this lead. Kobe Bryant, like Jordan, would get pissed off at non-calls (as rare as they are) and it would drive them to play harder and force the official to blow the whistle. Lebron can get pissy with officials too, but he makes his point moves on and puts them in the past. Melo seems to carry on too much and in my opinion it's going to hurt the Knicks in big spots. NBA officials are human and are just as reactionary as the players. That's just the nature of the arena.

The beneficial whistle, or not, can often times be the difference in winning and losing big games.

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