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1 - Los Angeles Clippers - Blake Griffin

Who's taking Zach Randolph's contract?

2 - Memphis Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet

I think the Grizzlies favoring of Rubio has more to do with a fear that he wouldn't like Memphis as opposed to actually looking at Thabeet as the better prospect.  Thabeet and Marc Gasol could fit nicely, and I know that they like Mike Conley, but Rubio is just the right pick.

3 - Oklahoma City Thunder - Ricky Rubio

I find it interesting that the Thunder are giving Curry a look at 3, when after the tournament people were questioning if he was a lottery pick.  That's what happens when Al Farouq-Aminu, Willie Warren, Ed Davis, Cole Aldrich, and Greg Monroe opt to return to school.  Rubio will add to an already stellar young core in OKC, and in a few years they will contend in the West.

4 - Sacramento Kings - Jrue Holiday

If Holiday's not taken here, he will probably drop to 8.  It seems as though the Kings would decide between Johnny Flynn, Brandon Jennings, and Jrue Holiday if Rubio is off the board.  Holiday had the best workout of the three so he gets the slight edge for now.

5 - Washington Wizards - James Harden

I think they trade the pick, but if they don't, it'll be James Harden.

6 - Minnesota Timberwolves - Stephen Curry

We would all love for Stephen Curry to drop to New York but at this point it seems unlikely.  Minnesota wants a point guard who can shoot, and Curry can definitely stroke it.

7 - Golden State Warriors - Brandon Jennings

I think it's between Brandon Jennings and Johnny Flynn here, but I think Jennings gets the edge because of his upside.  I like Jennings talent and potential a lot, but his attitude worries me. His big ego could become a problem down the line, but there's no question that his game is tailor made for Nellie's system.

8 - New York Knicks - Jordan Hill

Hill's stock has dropped, and TKB has been on top of that.  First, let me say that I fully endorse the idea of picking Jordan Hill at 8, and if he's available I think the Knicks will do just that.  If Curry and Holiday are gone, why not go for the most talented prospect on the board?  I'm more confident in Jordan Hill having an impact on the next level than I am in Johnny Flynn doing so.  That's what it comes down to.  Flynn is 5'11 and has way more questions surrounding his game than Hill does.  Hill's stock has dropped in the same way that Brook Lopez fell down the draft boards last year and fell into the nets laps at 10.  We all know how that turned out.  Hill can run, and a big man who can run is intricate in D'Antoni's system.  He has some similarities to Amare Stoudamire, and he not only can score on the low post, but he blocks shots.  Plus, he went from 5 to 13 to 18 points during his time at Arizona so he improves quickly.

9 - Toronto Raptors - Tyreke Evans

Evans will have a nice career, but I question his shot selection and ability to run the point.  He’s going to be a lot like Larry Hughes;  He thinks he has a jump shot, but he doesn’t.  There lies the shot selection issues.  But even if Evans can’t play the one, the Raptors have a vacancy at the shooting guard spot too.  I like Demar Derozan more for them here, but his stock has dropped.

10 - Milwaukee Bucks - Johnny Flynn
Ramon Sessions will probably leave, so Johnny Flynn is the perfect replacement.
11 - New Jersey Nets - Tyler Hansbrough
Reports have come out that the Nets are open to trading their pick along with Vince Carter, and I'm sure there would be several takers if that is the case.  Chad Ford insists that Tyler Hansbrough and Terrence Williams are the frontrunners in New Jersey if Jordan Hill doesn't fall, and that is unlikely.  I love T-Will, but Tyler Hansbrough's bust potential frightens me, and I would stay away if was Rod Thorn and Kiki Vandeweghe.
12 - Charlotte Bobcats - Gerald Henderson
Prototypical Larry Brown type of player.  Defense, hustle, and loads of offensive potential.
13 - Indiana Pacers - Demar Derozan
Derozan is a great prospect and he would fit in well with Jim O'Brien's offense.  His jump shot needs work but he is a nightmare in the open court and has a high ceiling.
14 - Phoenix Suns - Earl Clark
Clark has a lot of upside.  He shoots and rebounds very well, and his versatility is a weapon.  His inconsistency has hindered his draft value, but he fits in Phoenix if they don't trade the pick.  Eric Maynor is also a possibility here if the Suns aren't necessarily confident that they can work out something with Steve Nash.
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