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"Wolters, the 6-foot-4 point guard, has intrigued them too. He likely will be the only pure point guard left by the time they select. If they go the point-guard route, they want a playmaker, not a scoring point guard such as undersized Isaiah Canaan of Murray State.

Their preference of having Miami point guard Shane Larkin fall to them at 24 is a pipe dream. Agent Happy Walters refused to have Larkin work out for the Knicks because he believes his client won’t fall past 19.

Of Wolters, NBA draft consultant Chris Ekstrand said: “He’s got great floor vision — able to see plays before they happen — innate point-guard instincts. The problem is his foot speed. But you’ll see him make a lot of passes guys can’t make, and his perimeter shot is very good.

“He’s got a lot of boxes checked, but he’s just not that fast. But neither was Steve Nash.’’

At small forward, Bullock could be a good fit. Ryan Blake, another NBA draft consultant, said the UNC junior is more NBA-ready, coming out of the Tar Heels environment."

“He’s got that big-time experience, he defends and hits 44 percent of his 3-pointers,’’ Blake said. “The only knock is you’d like to see him be more aggressive as a scorer.’’

I prefer Tony Mitchell and Reggie Bullock to Wolters assuming Larkin is far gone, but I'm getting the growing feeling that the Knicks are in love with him and won't let him slip past them at 24. I think 24 is too soon for a player with very slow foot speed but he's a playmaker who also looks to pass. When you talk "ceiling" players like Wolters don't come to mind, but he's a guy with NBA size who can shoot it.

I do like the strategy of thinking big in free agency so if they can add two pieces in the draft, at PG and on the perimeter, then I think they'd be wise to explore the 35-45 range for a back up rotation point guard and take the best perimeter player available at 24. Plenty of decisions still to be made before Thursday.  

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