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SI's Ben Golliver points out that the NBA's new rules for All-Star voting have basically killed Tyson Chandler's chances of starting in the game. Under the new system, fans don't really vote for positions, but instead are allowed to choose two "backcourt" players and three "frontcourt" players, a change that was likely in response to the fact that the league has so few true centers anymore, and to the general malleability of player positions that is so common these days.

Chandler will still have ample opportunity to make the team, as one would expect he would still be a coach's selection, but his opportunity to start is most likely lost.

Really, whether a player makes the All-Star team should only matter to that player and his family, and yet somehow it's hard as a fan to not get a wee bit peeved at things like this. Ultimately, I don't really care how many All-Star games Chandler plays in, and yet it would still be nice that our big fella got acknowledged as the East's best center. But what can you do?

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