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"The Knicks officially are expected to remove the interim label from Mike Woodson's title this week, according to multiple sources. The two sides are working on a long-term deal, the sources said, and something could be done within the next couple of days."

This appears to have been the case since the season officially ended after Game 5 of the Heat series.  As TD has pointed out on numerous occasions, Phil Jackson, for whatever reason, does not appear to be in the mix for the job.  The other options?  To me, the other options are wild cards - no more or less likely to succeed here as the coach than Mike Woodson.

Stan van Gundy was fired today in Orlando and he has proven to be a successful coach during his career.  But with his tendency to to stir the pot and his inability to keep his mouth in check at times, he does not appear to be a fit to work for James Dolan (as many of you mentioned in an earlier comment section). 

Phil Jackson is in a different category than any other coach, but after him, I cannot dispute the Woodson hiring.  The team played hard for him down the stretch and it appears that he and Carmelo Anthony mesh together as coach and star.  Woodson is a good basketball guy and he keeps the focus on the court.  Do his playoff shortcomings scare me a bit? Of course they do.  But do they define him as a coach or do those shortcomings have more to do with the teams he had and the match ups he faced? I am not sure.

Not a huge surprise to see Woodson back.  If he is as he appears to be, I am sure he will get right back to work - that is if he ever stopped working in the first place.

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