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It's not even entirely clear where this came from, I suppose Kenyon Martin made a little noise about wanting to play more, or wanting to guard David West, something that it would seem would be perfectly natural for Kenyon to say, since I'd assume pretty much every player in the NBA thinks the answer to their team's particular problem is usually them playing more, but in no way should the Knicks be messing up their lineup after just one game of this series.

Playing Carmelo Anthony at power forward has been pretty much the single biggest weapon for the Knicks all season, and though it is surely not the only reason for his career season, it may be the most significant.

To me, if the Knicks are worried about having to double David West in the post, the answer would be to simply stop doing that. For all the criticism his defense takes (some deserved) Melo is a capable post defender, and absolutely able to give West a hard time in the post. Along those same lines, Melo at power forward still forced the Pacers into less than ideal matchups whether they choose to guard him with West or Paul George, even as George did an exceptional job in Game 1, Anthony also just missed a lot of shots. One has to think this cold spell ends at some point.

And sure, playing Martin and Chandler together might sound good as a defensive proposition, but the problem is that given the offensive limitations of each, they'd have to produce truly elite results on the defensive end to justify playing them together for significant minutes and that hasn't appeared to be the case to date.

The larger point is it's just too early for the Knicks to abandon who they are, as there's still time for the Knicks to impose their will on this series and completely reverse this conversation by the time we get to Indiana.

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