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Context is key.

On February 6, 2011, Jeremy Lin made his first start of the season. In a lockout-shortened season, the point guard took over in the eleventh game of the year (although he played in the game before) with the team sitting at 9-15. He proceeded to help the Knicks win, losing only three games for the rest of the month and finishing February with an overall record of 18-18.

The reason for Lin's emergence was a poorly constructed roster. With Toney Douglas tasked with running the point, he got off to a slow start and after mixing in Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert and Mike Bibby, they eventually turned to Lin.

It is December 17 and the Knicks sit at 7-17, two games worse than in 2011. Running the point is Raymond Felton, now injured, who has looked very mediocre early in the season. Behind him is a non-elite set of backups that include the also injured Pablo Prigioni and journeyman Beno Udrih. Like Davis and Bibby, both of these guys are serviceable in a backup capacity, but neither has the ability to run the point for a team like the Knicks.

Now we turn to Toure Murry. Like Lin, he made the team by the skin of his teeth and has been riding the bench for the better part of the season. Before Lin's breakout game on February 4, he had only played over seven minutes once the entire season, and they were almost always in garbage time during huge blowouts one way or the other. Murry has played just 34 minutes the entire season, never seeing more than seven minutes in a game.

Isn't it time for Mike Woodson (or new coach to be) to give him a chance? Let's 'Jeremy Lin' Toure Murry. Give him a chance. Before his 25-point performance on February 4, Lin was highly ineffective. We learned later that was mostly due to a lack of opportunity.

With the team sitting at 7-17, it's time to make a change and give Murry a chance. I would go as far as to start him tomorrow against the Bucks. What does the team really have to lose? Woodson believed in Lin a few years ago, riding him down the stretch and now, it's time to see if Murry can help the Knicks.

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