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Speaking to the media on Thursday night, Phil Jackson shed some light on the Knicks' recent trade with the Mavericks and what it may mean for keeping Carmelo Anthony in town.

In Jose Calderon, New York upgraded the point guard position. That said, it's easy to recognize that this trade was about acquiring valuable assets and gaining flexibility. From there, the question becomes, how does this make the team more appealing to Anthony? As a player who is interested in competing for a championship ASAP, was Anthony kept in the loop as the team considered trading its other lone all-star?

The short answer is yes.

"I wouldn't use the word 'consulted'. I'd say the word 'informed,'" Jackson said on Thursday. "We talked about [the deal] a couple weeks ago with Carmelo when we met with him. We told him this was on the table and I was going to wait and see until I got back from Turkey to see how this fit. He was aware."

"[Carmelo] saw the value in it and appreciated it," Jackson continued.

The executive added that there were a few contributing factors as to why the deal took so long to complete, including Raymond Felton's recent legal troubles.

"This went on for some time. I don't think there's any question that this was a final goal of both teams," he said. "A lot of things had to be digested and answered. I didn't want to do the deal until Raymond had some sort of declaration as to the protocol and what was going to happen legally. I wanted him to have the best chance possible and not hold back his career."

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