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On Wednesday morning, the Knicks were left with no draft picks in the 2014 NBA Draft to speak of. But following the deal with the Mavericks, New York is now poised to make two selections this year (at 34th and 51st overall).

But despite having things change so quickly, make no mistake: the team will be well prepared when weighing its options in the second round of the draft on Thursday night.

Speaking to the media prior to the draft on Thursday, Phil Jackson said, "There's so much that goes on [during] draft night. Things get cooking and all hell breaks loose."

He continued, "We have a couple boards that are dedicated to just two picks. Picks that aren't first-round picks, but that's how much we've gone through that. We've also probably worked out close to fifty-some players. We have a lot to go to."

Discussing what the team may be on the lookout for, Jackson added, "We think we've earmarked some players that will give us what we're looking for. Activity. Guys that get after the ball with their steals or interceptions. Deflections. Rebounds. Blocked shots. That's the direction we're going in, and we're happy with that. We've pegged it out. Hopefully we'll get someone that helps us out."

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