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A big part of the Knicks early season success offensively was based upon their ability to kill teams in the pick and roll with Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler. It was a strategy that was effective and was hard to defend. "Pick your poison" was the mindset. Give up a lay up or lob dunk, a mid range shot or a kick out 3 with ball movement.

That was until teams like Chicago and Indiana started to defend the pick and roll with more urgency and since then the Knicks have struggled to establish it. Not having the pick and roll leads to zero ball movement and thus no rhythm required to knock down shots. No shots made= no team assists... the Knicks had 11 yesterday.

The pick and roll for the Knicks is like a running game for a football team. If you fall behind in the game early the tendency is to scrap it and go ISO Melo. My thing is that they have to stay patient with it but if it's being snuffed out what's the solution? To me it would be more wing pick and rolls and getting your more athletic players (ie Smith and Shumpert) to play more "downhill" going to the basket leveraging their athleticism. Getting to the basket leads to more space, more defensive reactions and more scoring opportunities.

That's an adjustment Mike Woodson has to make and commit to sticking to going forward. If they establish the pick and roll, they can play with anyone and have proved such.


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