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It is likely that both Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler will miss Sunday's game against the Clippers, but the larger concern is the continued health of Anthony. In a report from Frank Isola in the Daily News, an unnamed surgeon speculates that there could be a larger problem with the star's knee. Per the report:

A leading orthopedic surgeon who did not want to be identified says that fluid in the back of the knee is commonly referred to as a baker’s cyst, and that it is rarely a condition you find in a patient “with a 100% normal knee.

“It means there is something going on with the knee,” the doctor added. “The question is, where did the fluid come from? What is the source of the fluid? Something inside the knee produces that fluid, so what is going to stop the fluid from coming back.”

The orthopedic surgeon, who has not examined Anthony, speculated that the Knicks’ All-Star forward either has a partially torn meniscus or an arthritic knee. Anthony said last week that he does not have a meniscus injury, an injury that ended Lin’s season in late March.

I wrote last week about not feeling totally qualified to weigh in on the adequacy of the Knicks' medical care, and though that opinion still holds, this is certainly worrisome. Like tears and whiskey worrisome.

Any serious injury to Melo would be, you know, about the worst thing to befall mankind in the history of the cosmos.

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