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On Wednesday night, at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO, the Knicks (38-24) were defeated by the Denver Nuggets (44-22) 117-94. Box Score

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If you missed it, you probably slept like a baby, wrapped cozy and warm, content in the knowledge that you did not do this to yourself.

Carmelo Anthony made his return to Denver, and it did not go particularly well. Anthony was 3-for-12 from the field with nine points, and left the game in the third quarter with his knee once again acting up.

Hey, speaking of knees, Chandler drilled his against one of the Denver knees and also left the game, though it does not appear that the injury will be particularly serious, but who can really say.

For those looking for a silver lining, Iman Shumpert had one of his better games with 20 points on 8-of-10 shooting.

Former Knicks Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari had 24 and 16 points, respectively. Good on them. Jerks.

The Knicks were outrebounded 53 to 33, and Denver finished with 17,000 points in the paint, unofficially.


Our own beloved Matt Falkenbury has started the now famous Knicks Blowout Theater, and so I will happily play my part by offering up the ultimate. I give you the Knicks and Nuggets:

Ok, watch that one more time, and then come on back and will get recappin'.

Watching tonight's Knicks game, I was reminded a little of  a story from my youth. When I was 16, newly licensed and eager to drive, I was charged by my folks with driving to our local high school to drop off something. I did so bare foot, for reasons that I still can't adequately recall. After completing my obligation, I headed back toward the car for what I imagined would be an uneventful return home. Walking to the car, however, I stepped in a large pile of dog, you know.

Now, hindsight being 20/20 and all, it occurs to me now that the prudent decision would have been to take care of that immediately. Perhaps seek out some water, or at least a moist towelette. Instead, I hopped in the car and went on my merry way, deciding that surely this problem could wait. But as I drove, I did have the thought that this may, in fact, be disgusting, or at least unbecoming. So, while driving, I reached in the back seat to retrieve a crusty old sweat shirt that appeared up to the task.

Naturally, the operation turned out to be a touch more involved than I'd anticipated, to the point that I didn't look up until I'd realized that I had jumped the curb and was hurtling towards the trees. In my haste, I accidentally slammed on the gas, rather than the preferable brakes, sending my pride and joy Geo Prism crashing into a formidable bit of wood and its eventual demise. I looked up and thought that something bad had just happened.

Well, that was basically tonight's game. Or in other words, it was the worst.

Now, there's going to be plenty of consternation after this one, particularly as it pertains to the health of Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are essentially dealing with potentially costly injuries to their two most indispensable players, something that could very well sink the season.

For my part, I don't plan on pronouncing the Knicks dead and buried, even if it definitely feels that way, but it was a performance that should remind us that the Knicks' problems right now go deeper than whether Chris Copeland or Pablo Prigioni warrant a few extra minutes. The team is playing decidedly its worst basketball of the season at a time when they can ill-afford it, and when their schedule demands the opposite.

As insane as it may sound after a performance like tonight, I do think there's still time to right the ship, but that time has never been less ample, and the prognosis certainly has to be at its worst. If you've been looking at the glass as half-full, it may start to look a little emptier when New York takes on Portland tomorrow at 10:30 p.m., this time in a reunion with Raymond Felton and the Portland fan base he once completely charmed.

Expect blood.

Oh, and drive safely.

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