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Pretty good read over at Hardwood Paroxysm by Steve McPherson about Pablo Prigioni's journey to the NBA. I found this to be a particularly inspiring passage:

Surprisingly, it hasn’t run him ragged, as it would most 35 year olds. “It’s great for me and, you know, I play so many years there and to jump to the NBA now, it gives me more energy, you know?” He peppers his responses with that phrase—“you know?”—the same way Ricky Rubio does with “mmm”: unconsciously, an interjection by a non-native speaker buying a little time. But there’s something charming about it, the casual suggestion of the listener’s familiarity with something most of us probably couldn’t bear to undertake in our mid-30s: moving to a foreign country to play fewer minutes against younger, stronger players for less money.

I like Pablo, even as I thoroughly wish he were a slightly better player, since I still think the Knicks lack another guard off the bench. But that doesn't mean I can't still admire the simple fact that he's here. I suppose getting the chance to play in the NBA for half a million dollars isn't exactly a sacrifice, but it was the type of life disruption he certainly didn't need to undertake and I sort of like the "guy in his advanced years pining to know how good he truly is" narrative of his arrival in New York.

Though, again, it'd be nice if he were just a little bit better. They usually skip that part of the movie where the guy scores three points in limited minutes.

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