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"I can't care less what people say. I'm a strong-minded person. They can say what they want but they cant dictate my life...That’s what happens when you’re a point guard. Things are going to get pointed your way."

-Raymond Felton on the criticism he's been receiving

This is a little ridiculous. Sure, Raymond Felton is pissed off that he's being criticized, but there are two factors that make this quote absurd.

  1. He's not being criticized because he's the point guard, he's being criticized because he's playing terribly.
  2. This is not what happens when you're a point guard. This is what happens when you're a bad point guard.
Felton has been awful this year and he deserves everything the media is giving him. He's been really bad on a team that should give him ample opportunities to thrive. He's surrounded by capable scorers and just can't seem to get the ball moving. Sorry, Ray, but things are going to continue to be pointed your way until you get it together.
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