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Via Marc Berman
(Rasheed) is running on state-of-the-art machines but not on the court. Woodson said, however, if tomorrow was a playoff game, he would play. My theory is they are in absolute no rush to bring Wallace back because the medical staff must feel he has so many games left on his left foot, which has a stress reaction. Woodson said he'll start running on the court next week - he's said that before - and he'll need time to get into better condition. Think all they care about is Rasheed being right for the playoff run. Again, as we have reported, he does not have a stress fracture but Dr. Lisa Callahan is concerned it can turn into one without proper rest. If he fractures the foot, he's done. For now, they can live without him, especially if Camby is back in the next 10 days. We reported today Camby has taken off his walking boot and could be back in a week.
Marc and I chatted on Monday as Sheed shot jumpers and I mentioned that he is a major key to this team's success. In fact, I think that if his foot is a problem the Knicks' chances at a title run really take a hit unless they can get more rebounding from Camby.
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