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There is no undermining how significant of a loss this can be for this team.

With Amare Stoudemire set to return next week, the Knicks could have begun to make serious strides towards developing a team chemistry as a unit to make noise in this upcoming postseason.

That chemistry building will now be put on hold for a little while.  Jason Kidd has been a blessing for this team this year, but with Felton out, the Knicks have to ride Kidd more than they probably should this early on in the season.

In his absence, I do not expect to the Knicks to make any roster moves to fill Felton's spot.  We should all expect to see Kidd and Prigioni play increased minutes with JR Smith handling the ball for long stretches of time as well.

Also, Felton is a tough player who desperately wants to be in the action.  A sooner - rather than later - return should not be dismissed for him.

The Knicks will survive this, but there is no question that this is a bad break for the team.

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