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I think you all knew that this post was going to come up on the site today as the Knicks get ready to face Lin and the Rockets for the first time. I must admit that I was shocked the Knicks didn't match the offer by Houston because of all of the certainty coming from everyone involved with this situation that Lin would be back.

Was I upset that when the final contract offer was made, signed by Lin and then not matched by Knicks? Not at all.

Glen Grunwald made the smart move to sign & trade for Felton who had success in New York in his first stint here, for a much more reasonable deal and not sacrifice the Salary Cap in the future.

Give credit also to Felton for taking what had been a horrific year for him in Portland last year and working hard to prove that he was not that kind of player. He is in much better shape and has been a leader along with Jason Kidd for this team in the back court. His effort in the three games the Knicks had to make fourth quarter comebacks against San Antonio, Memphis and Dallas was exceptional.

Now that we have a 10 game sample of how Felton and Lin have performed so far to this point, the majority of people would believe with the success of the Knicks, the individual performance and cap friendly deal for Felton, the Knicks have no regrets today for making the decision that they made.

So what you think? Did the Knicks make the right decision to let Lin go to Houston and to bring back Raymond Felton and what do you see happening the rest of the season for these two players?

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