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Iman Shumpert sat down with ESPN the Magazine to talk about his budding rap career and the whole interview is absolutely worth a read, if you are in the mood to really like him:

Finally, let’s talk about your look, which says a lot about an artist. And by that I mean: your hair, dude. What’s up with your amazing hair? 

[Laughs.] I was injured, and I was thinking, man, I’m a ’90s kid, and I ain’t never had a high-top fade before. And then I realized most of my favorite players had one, too. Jason Kidd, Charles Oakley, even Michael Jordan. I chose to go the Kenny Walker route: He went high with it, and real low with the fade, with designs and streaks. Whenever I make my comeback, I’m going to have fun with it, with some graphics. 

People tell me all the time: “Be professional.” Maybe I will when I’m 25. But right now, that’s not me. I like to smile a lot. I like to goof around. I have a ton of energy. I want to have fun.

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