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The Knicks are trying to pick up trade talks with the Denver Nuggets again (Stein).

The deal, which was rumored earlier this season, would be Iman Shumpert for Kenneth Faried.

They would try and get the deal done before the trading deadline on Friday at 3 p.m.

I flip-flopped a number of times on this trade when it was rumored earlier in the year. It's a very tough trade to understand because these are two very, very different players.

Coming into the season, it was hard to see how Shumpert could become expendable, but the emergence of Tim Hardaway Jr. has many thinking along those lines. For the Nuggets, they are in need of a solid guard to play alongside their emerging point guard Ty Lawson. Lawson, who is having an awesome season, could be helped out by a strong shooting guard.

For the Knicks, this is an interesting move if they were to make it. Kenneth Faried is a physical big who plays almost exclusively at the 4. Over his short career (three seasons), he is averaging almost 11 points per game and adds 8.4 rebounds per game. He's a menacing presence for any team to deal with.

The question would become how he fits with Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has shown numerous times that he is a better scorer when he's playing power forward. Faried's addition would mean shifting Anthony into small forward.

Given the state of things, I'm still very uneasy about this trade but it's starting to grow on me. Shumpert has shifted potential so much in one year that I'm starting to believe he won't reach his ceiling until he gets out of New York. Faried and Anthony could form a very strong tandem in the front court for the Knicks, playing off each others strengths.

I'm ready for a change at this point and if Steve Mills can pull this off without include a draft pick, I'm in favor of it.

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