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Has Iman Shumpert's trade value been impacted by Mike Woodson's coaching?

Some seem to think so, via ESPN New York:

According to league sources with knowledge of the team's talks with potential trade partners, president/GM Steve Mills' management team has also cited Mike Woodson's coaching as one reason for Shumpert's poor play.

"They're saying that Shumpert's a better player [than he's shown] but Woodson isn't using him right," one league source said.

Shumpert has been the focus of trade rumors since the season began. He's been shopped repeatedly, according to media reports.

I completely buy this idea. Iman Shumpert is a player in the digital age. No matter what he says, he hears the rumors swirling. He understands that his time in New York might be coming to an end and it's clearly effecting him. Woodson's use of Shumpert is tough to say. When the team is playing this badly, it's hard to say he's using anyone properly. Still, it seems like Shumpert is off the court in key situations in more situations than you'd like to see.

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