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On hand to take in the Knicks/Pistons game in London Thursday, commissioner David Stern promised there would be no penalty for the Knicks due to the revelation that owner Jim Dolan ordered employees to record Carmelo Anthony during a game against Chicago. From the New York Post:

“If a team does something to eavesdrop on the players, then they would be sanctioned because it would be against our rules,’’ Stern said. “But there’s a difference between eavesdropping such as putting microphones in the locker room or the huddle other than the one the league does, and putting mikes around the court to pick up the sounds of the game.’’

I still don't quite understand what this was all about, I guess just an effort to record every horrible thing said to Carmelo Anthony over the course of a calendar year, something that would be fairly entertaining, but also seems like something of a bad idea. Either way, I'm glad to see the Knicks won't actually be penalized for this and we can all just kind of move on, shake our heads and go back to not worrying about it.

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