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I'm not ready to commit to who the guy is, but the time has come for Steve Mills to make something happen. With all the discussion about Kyle Lowry, Jeff Teague and of course, Rajon Rondo, it's time for Mills to stop messing around and go all in on the guy he wants.

Mills will be judged on his ability to bring in a second superstar to play alongside Carmelo Anthony. The time has come for Mills to try and make that move.

Hang up on the Hawks.

Hang up on the Raptors.

Call Danny Ainge and figure out exactly what it will take to get Rondo to New York and then ask him how soon he can fly down to sign the deal. In fact, I'd be willing to personally fly Mills up to Boston to get this done. I don't want a middle of the road point guard. I want my elite point guard and I want him now!

Do I sound like I'm frustrated? I am.

There is no player -- or pick, for that matter -- that should stand in the way of bringing Rondo to New York. If it takes a package of Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. and a pick, it's a done deal. The Knicks need a point guard more than anything because it makes Carmelo that much better. He wouldn't have to shoulder the entire load and could really thrive with another top caliber player.

Get it done, Steve.

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