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I've had a lot of questions over the past two days that I've saved for this morning having spent the last two days at the Billboard Touring Conference. The major one that came up often was how the Knicks planned on dealing with the Mavericks big front line with Dirk Nowitzki out. Elton Brand will be back in the lineup tonight after the birth of his child kept him out of the Raptors game the other night. It sounds as if they are going to start Chris Kaman and Elton Brand, which led to the questions from fans asking should Mike Woodson go with a bigger starting line up?

It's a question that will play itself out as game-time approaches, but I say stick to the script. Play Melo at the 4. Make Elton Brand use his feet and defend.

I know it's the Knicks fan's mentality to adjust to better teams and better situations, but how about making Dallas adjust to what the 3-0 Knicks are doing. Why not have THEM adjust to Melo?

Woodson has said that he doesn't want to "take too much" out of Melo on the defensive end, but with Brand as Dallas' primary post player I'd put Tyson Chandler on him and have Melo guard Kaman and get him if posted.

I just think that Melo poses such a massive advantage offensively at the 4 that the Knicks should stick with it. If it ain't broke...

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