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Holding court before Thursday's game against the Pistons in London, Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony were asked a question from a British journo that has fortunately not really emerged as much of a deal at all, asking the two stars whose team this is, according to Marc Berman of the Post:

A British journalist brought a smile to the Knicks’ two stars when he asked a question that has grown stale in the USA: “Whose team is it, yours or Amare’s?’’

“It’s Melo’s team,’’ Stoudemire said.

Anthony laughed. “No, It’s Jim Dolan’s team.’’

“It’s not about that at all,’’ Stoudemire added. “It truly isn’t. It’s about winning and doing what we can to improve and ultimately win a championship.’ ’’

It's been rather nice how naturally this issue has worked itself out. Obviously, the simple fact of just how much better Carmelo Anthony is has sort of made any possible tension something of moot point, but I also think Stoudemire still deserves credit for how willingly he's accepted this back seat role. His injuries and the team's hot start certainly made it kind of impossible for him to do anything other than accept whatever role available to him, but it's still nice that this issue has never been allowed to be flamed by a New York media I'm sure would love nothing more than to sink their teeth into it.

Of course, it would be sort of weird if Stoudemire were somehow taking the tact of, "Sure, you're playing at an MVP level and I'm a shell of my former self, but this is still MY team, dammit!" But still, it's appreciated.

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