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I do not think he has lost the locker room quite yet. I think Melo, the leader of the team and the leader in the clubhouse, respects Woodson and appreciates his approach. You can tell by how hard Melo is playing out there right now that he has not given up on the team or the season. Once Melo starts to slow however (see: Mike D'Antoni), Woodson is as good as gone. Shumpert and JR are not in charge, so I think as long as Anthony keeps showing up and playing hard, Woodson will remain in control of the rest of the roster. Whether Bossman Dolan gets impatient before that happens, however, is another story altogether.

Of course Carmelo Anthony sets the tone and if you're going to answer this question based soely on what you've seen from the superstar then the answer is no as Ben said. What I disagree with is that Anthony doesn't tell the whole story. He's not getting production from many guys that were expected to play huge roles this year and the team is playing without a spark. This spark is the key reason I think Woodson is losing the locker room. I don't think it's completely gone but it's very close. He needs to turn things around or Anthony could join J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Raymond Felton as players, lost in this system.

No, I don't think Mike Woodson has lost the locker room. There are a number of outlying factors in the Knicks' inexplicable play so far this season. Carmelo Anthony is shouldering the load, getting inconsistent contributions from his supporting cast and the bench. Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton are both sidelined, meaning the team is without its best defensive player and rebounder and leading assist man. Another thing to consider is the schedule. The Knicks have played against a lot of Western Conference foes already this year, and perhaps can turn things around against the weaker Eastern Conference teams -- with a healthy Chandler and Felton, of course. That being said, if the Knicks fail to right the ship the blame will inevitably fall into Woodson's lap. It's New York; the city is desperate for an NBA championship and will go through however many coaches before it gets one.

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