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"Perhaps the Knicks know by now that the Heat have trouble defending their outside jumpers. They've only made at least 18 3-pointers twice this season, and both of those games were against the Heat.

The Knicks rely on jump shots more than any other NBA team this season. They score 47 points per game on jumpers, representing 46 percent of their points.

The Knicks have done a tremendous job passing the ball and finding open shooters on the perimeter. They've scored more points off catch-and-shoot jumpers this season than any other team (525). And 149 of their 188 catch-and-shoot jumpers are 3-pointers."ESPN

Something we'd talked since day one of the blog. Catching and shooting is great, catching and making is better.The Knicks have surrounded the best post player in the NBA with guys who can catch/make. Will this continue? I don't see it stopping. Slowing down? Sure. But stopping? Hard to figure.

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