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When the Knicks orderd up some Rasheed Wallace for the 2012-13 season, I expected we'd be getting just a side of 'Sheed. A dabble, if you will, just enough to get a taste, but not so much as to be an integral part of the meal. Instead, we've gotten a pretty sizeable helping, particularly over the last two games when our belts have almost swollen with 'Sheed, "Oh, I didn't realize this portion was quite so large." Yes, I realize I'm becoming the go-to source for food related Knicks metaphors.

But there was a moment during Friday night's second quarter against the Grizzlies when the Knicks were literally featuring Wallace, and while he displayed a real knack in the post, it was still sort of jarring to see the offense running through the big fella.

Wallace's role has steadily increased since the MSG faithful chanted him onto the court in the season opener and he was openly acknowledging that he was this team's Brian Scalabrine. That is, a lovable, mascot-ish type presence designed to send us home happy in blowouts.

This development isn't necessarily bad, Wallace has been one of the early season's pleasant surprises, but the obvious question is what exactly is going on with Marcus Camby that this situation is persisting. Whether it be conditioning or injury, Mike Woodson has been reluctant to play the anticipated backup center so far in the year, but no one's exactly been able to pin down why.

The result has been an order of Knicks with extra 'Sheed, and to date it's actually been a pretty tasty dish.

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