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Melo's words following the performance of a champion at the World's Most Famous Arena.

When Melo went down in a heap against the Lakers the injury looked somewhat serious. Judging on how the Knicks handle telling the story behind injuries, you didn't know if Melo would be out a week or a month. We were talking about it and even made a lunch wager on whether he would play or not.

I underestimated Melo. I bet that he wouldn't play against the Nets. I assumed he had a high ankle sprain and based on the physicality of the last match up, I didn't think he'd be healthy enough to give it a go, and seeing that it's December, I expected him to sit.

But, again,  I underestimated Melo's mindset. The man is on a mission and that is to become a champion and that's the message he sent to the boroughs, the burbs and the league last night.

Champions play hurt in big games no matter what month.

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