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"Shurna and Thompson both looked nice. They were the stand-outs of the non-guaranteed bunch. Thompson's shot fell more often by my rough tally (including a runner or two), and he looked nimbler away from the ball, while Shurna was more inclined to attack the basket and crammed a few slamjams in transition. Novak mostly deferred, but did drain one turn-around, fall-away, straight-on, buzzer-beating three from way downtown. That group was pretty fun when all the shooters were on the floor together."
-Seth (awesome notes)

I wasn't at camp yesterday, but I'm hearing that the Knicks are playing wait-and-see with Thompson, who I really like, before possibly bringing in depth at the wing. Shurna has been impressive as well and seems destined for Erie, but it's Thompson's development that has the Knicks intrigued. With Ronnie Brewer on pace to return, but who will be behind in his condition, there is a roster vacancy in the backcourt that Thompson can fill. Of course, in reading Seth's notes, Prigioni could get the major minutes with Kidd off the ball in Brewer's stead to start along with J.R. Smith, obviously.


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