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Many coaches in various sports counter marathon sports seasons by breaking their schedules into smaller chunks. For example, most NFL coaches will break down the 16 week schedule into 4 quadrants and play 4 separate "seasons" in the hopes of keeping players focused on short term goals.

Which leads us to the Knicks and where they are at in their season. If you look at their schedule over the next 10 games you see a lot of very winnable games. They sit a 26-14 with a 1.5 game advantage against the Nets, who are coming off their own solid stretch against easier opponents on their schedule which saw them close the gap on New York.

The Knicks need to take care of business here over the next 10 games. They are getting healthier with Raymond Felton coming back and are close to 100% as a team. Veteran teams don't allow for breaks during the season, they force their way through the winter through effort. This is a stretch where they (barring small catastrophe) should finish no worse than 7-3, but I'd be disappointed with anything less than 8-2 which would take them to 34-16 and really stretch out what has been a very strong season thus far.

The time is now to dig in and start to rip off the wins, so let's see if the Knicks can comply and firmly supplant themselves atop both the division and the conference.

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