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It's not time to break out the champagne, but Glen Grunwald is certainly deserving of some kudos at this point, as Tommy Beer writes over at Hoops World.

Yet, while is still extremely early, and making long-term prognostications is early December is a foolhardy endeavor, the Knicks success seems sustainable because it is built principally upon solid defense and taking care of the basketball. If a team defends, plays with intensity, and limits turnovers – it gives itself a chance to win every night.

NBA veterans understand this. As do coaches and GM’s that have been around the game for a long time. And it just so happens that the Knicks organization is chockfull such personnel.

The architect of this roster deserves immense credit for the having the foresight for putting all these puzzle pieces together. As a result, the Knicks also have a bunch of “W’s” in the win column and sole possession of first place in the Eastern Conference.

New York was a league-wide laughingstock for the better part of the last decade, and Glen Grunwald and Mike Woodson were forced to fend off ‘old age’ jokes the entire summer and all of October; but they hope to laugh last and the hardest come springtime…

There was certainly an awful lot of second-guessing of pretty much every move Glen Grunwald made this offseason, and through the first month or so of the season, he has to feel awfully pleased with his handy work. He may not be taking bows, but perhaps is enjoying just walking around the office to the knowing glances of, "Yeah, you're pretty much killing it right now, dude."

It feels almost disorienting, but the Knicks may finally be run by a competent overseer who calmly assesses the costs and benefits involved in the acquisition of talent and makes decisions in the best interest of the long-term future of the team. Is that a thing that's really possible?

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