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[sny-box]From Rommel Jones: Do you think that Tim Hardaway Jr. has more potential than Iman Shumpert?[/sny-box]

In a word: no.

I think Hardaway can find a nice role for himself on this team and in this league as an athletic wing scorer, who can be the worst member of a starting five, contributing with swing-pass-spot-up threes, or the best player on a second unit where he can be aggressive, attacking the hoop, and -- if he's feeling it -- putting up shots from anywhere inside half court.

With his athleticism comes defensive potential, but the two do not necessarily correspond, and Hardaway is yet to show off his defensive abilities. Hardaway's decision making also leaves plenty to be desired, his shot selection at the end of the Pelicans game as glaring example. That said, he has much less experience on his NBA resume, so time will tell if he can learn to be a smart offensive threat and a stout defensive presence the way we all know Shump has the potential to be.

Whether either guy pans out to max this potential is another question altogether.

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