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Well, the hits just keep on coming.

Obviously this back injury has to do with the fact he has carried the Knicks on his back defensively for the past two seasons.

Ok, that's not true, but you almost think that would be the case considering how much he brings to the team on that side of the floor each and every night.

With games coming up against teams that the Knicks should be able to beat, although they are 0-2 against Toronto, the chance for Tyson to rest and get healthy is a good thing.

If he is only out the one week that the Knicks are talking about, then he could be ready for the back to back next week against Boston and Memphis, two teams that the Knicks will need Chandler for.

In Chandler's absence for the time being, on top of Kurt Thomas being out for the year, the roles of both Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby will be even more important as this injury lingers.

Martin has been very solid since coming on board, while Camby has been hit or miss all season. For the Knicks to survive another bit of bad injury news, they will need those guys to step up big time.

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