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If you're anything like me, you might find yourself straining to keep yourself from getting irrationally excited about this Knicks 3-0 start. You're running through the usual routine in regards to small sample sizes. It's only three games, the Knicks have played well for three games many times before, the Sixers started Kwame Brown on Monday, intentionally, and so forth.

But really, forget all that noise. If there was any sports team more in need of a good start it was these New York Knicks. Prior to the season, there seemed to be a whole industry waiting for the Knicks to be some kind of laughable disaster -- in fairness, the kind they've pretty much been for about a decade or so -- with folks lined up eager to basically turn them into the Jets.

Much ink was spilled debating on whether or not Knicks fans would be justified in switching allegiances to the Nets. Which to my mind never made any sense. I've watched Brooklyn so far and you know what they look like to me: The Nets, just in different uniforms. I don't know, but for me them playing in a different stadium didn't instantly wipe away a lifetime of rooting for the Knicks, "Look, they're wearing black! How fresh and exciting! Jay-Z!" I'm weird, I guess.

But the Knicks have already done something very important in these first three games. They've set a tone. What was so exciting about Monday night's win in Philadelphia was the workman-like nature of it. After a touch of a slow start, they just blitzed an inferior team for another easy win. That's what good teams do.

The only shame now is there's only one game over the next seven days. Um yes, more please.

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