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Ok, so the Knicks aren't going 82-0 so after a lifeless third quarter performance against the very good Memphis Grizzlies, the team returns home to face the Pacers. This is a big game because it is in conference against a team many predicted to be in the top 4. Here's what we are looking for.

  • Early Energy- A noon start on a Sunday in November is difficult for anyone, even in a city that never sleeps. But the last thing we want to see today is the Knicks playing uphill all day. Come out with some energy and see if the Pacers can match.
  • Beef Up Front Line- Even if you have to give Copeland a look at the 4, the Knicks need to match up with the Pacers' size. Both Hibbert and David West are space eaters and guys who can get on the offensive glass. The Knicks need to match that size with Camby, Thomas or even Copeland.
  • Make This Statement- Great teams, contending teams don't lose two games in a row especially when they have the opportunity to do so on their home floor.
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