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The Knicks head into their second preseason game tonight against the Celtics in Hartford looking to continue their hot shooting from the other night. Here are a few other things you may want to keep an eye out for.

Defensive communication- I loved a ton of things Jason Kidd did the other night and what really stood out to me most was after Novak hit a three off a Prigioni pass in transition, Kidd talked to both while they were celebrating heading into a time out. He was explaining how both lacked communication on a pick and roll leading to a wide open shot by Pargo. That's leadership. I want to see how the coaching staff communicates to the players to make sure that their TEAM communication and rotations improve defensively. They were dreadful the last 3 quarters the other night.

Tyson Chandler's Offense- With Amar'e most-likely out, Chandler is going to have to be more active offensively. I like some things he did in the pick and roll as the screener, but I'd like to see him isolated closer to the basket.

Point Guard Pressure- Rondo loves to control tempo, and he doesn't play at a particularly fast pace. He likes to change gears and control the game with the ball, especially in the half court. I'd like to see the Knicks guards put pressure on him at times to change that comfort level up and try and force faster decisions, quicker shots and turnovers against Rondo and the other Celtics guards.   

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